Welcome to Taylor’s Gluten Free Beer Network!

A self indulgent introduction…I’m Chris Taylor, born in the South West, living in the North East, with my wife and our 2 dogs. We love nothing more than a ramble up a mountain, round a lake, or by a canal, before returning to our tent or motorhome for a well deserved meal and pint. And when we’re not away, it’s DIY and gardening, again always followed by a well deserved pint!

Growing up, I used to pride myself on eating and drinking anything, so long as it was in large quantities. The same as my friends, beer and pies were my absolute favourite. So at the age of 33, when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, it really did feel like the bottom had fallen out of my world, personally and socially.

I quickly set about finding as many different gluten free beers as possible, which was quite tricky and often involved having to order directly from breweries, in large quantities. There wasn’t such a thing as a gluten free beer supermarket.

So, long story short, a few years on, I’ve established Taylor’s Gluten Free Beer Network. What am I trying to achieve?

  • To bring gluten free beers together in to one place, offering a varied range at great prices
  • To raise awareness of the difference between Gluten Free and Gluten Reduced – or deglutenised. I strongly believe this choice needs promoting and awareness raising so will signpost clearly on all beers. Click here for more information
  • To make 100% naturally gluten free beers available on a wider scale in the UK
  • To make sure that having Coeliac Disease or choosing a gluten free beer, does not mean a compromise. Many of our beers are award winning vs standard beers, not just gluten free beers – we have carefully selected partners who are as passionate as I am about great tasting beer!
  • To create a space for beer lovers to find and discuss beer – hence Network in the name! This isn’t designed to be just an online store. What do you think to my beers? What would you like adding to the range? Any interesting flavour trends we can explore? I’m keen to hear your stories, and between us, we can hopefully support more people facing a difficult Coeliac diagnosis, or anyone just wanting a good beer

So what’s next? Well, this is just the beginning. More partners, more beers, and more events. But one thing is for sure, there will be no compromise on quality.

I hope you join me on this journey, and together we’ll grow a supportive and inclusive network, celebrating awesome beers from around the world.