Stirone Ginger Beer, 7.0% – Ginger Beer


Stirone has been imported by Taylor’s Gluten Free Beer Network

“spicy, robust and aromatic flavour”

330ml Bottle

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Stirone say…

“The origins of the original Ginger Beer are in 16th century Great Britain where, with the alcoholic fermentation of the ginger rhizome, this alcoholic drink was created which has achieved worldwide success even in a non-alcoholic version. With its spicy, robust and aromatic flavour it is excellent to drink alone, appreciating the properties of ginger beer or mixed to create cocktails such as the famous Moskow Mule. We only use Italian ginger supply chain guaranteed by the Italian ginger consortium.

Ingredients: water, Italian ginger, lemon, lime, pear juice and pulp, spices, yeast

ABV: 7.0%



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