Westerham’s Godswallop, 5.0% – Winter Ale


“this is a rich, malty deep red ale for enjoying by a roaring fire”

440ml Can

Westerham Brewery


<10ppm Gluten Free

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Westerham say…

In 1872, Hiram Codd patented a glass soft drink bottle that was filled with carbonated liquid. That liquid pushed a glass marble into the neck of the bottle, up against a rubber ring which then sealed the bottle. The “Codd” design is used to this day, in the Khandelwal glass works in India, and for bottling Ramune drinks in Japan.

Wallop is an old English slang term for beer. It is said that Codd’s Wallop was used by beer drinkers as a derogatory name for weak or tasteless beer, or for soft drinks in general. This in time coined the word Codswallop.

We set out, in 2005, to make a winter beer that was neither weak nor tasteless and named it Godswallop. Brewed with a blend of pale ale, aromatic and crystal malts, and six Kent hops, this is a rich, malty deep red ale for enjoying by a roaring fire

Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast

Gluten Content Certificate

ABV: 5.0%


<10ppm Gluten Free

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