Westerham’s West of the Rhine, 5.3% – Alsace Blonde


“delicate citrus and floral aromas with spicy notes”

440ml Can

Westerham Brewery


<10ppm Gluten Free

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Westerham say…

The Alsace Region growns 96% of the hops grown in France.  The history of hop growing can be traced back to King Louis IX of France in 1268 who legislated that in his realm only hops and malt could be used for brewing beer.

This law was enacted over 248 years before the Bavarian Beer Purity Law or ‘Rheinheitsgebot’ of 1516, which limited beer ingredients to just barley, hops and water.

The feature hop in ‘West of the Rhine’ is Strisselspalt.  This landrace hop is related to the Spalt and Hersbrucker hops of Germany.  Strisselspalt displays delicate citrus and floral aromas with spicy notes.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast

ABV: 5.3%


<10ppm Gluten Free

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