Wildcraft’s Wild Vienna Lager, 4.5% – Lager


“clean and fresh with a fantastic, smooth, bicuity edge”

440ml Can

Wildcraft Brewery


<10ppm Gluten Free

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Wildcraft say…

“Despite what many think, lagering is a process, not a drink…

This Vienna lager, based on the amazing recipes of old, combine heaps of Vienna malt with a touch of Munich and is finished with noble hops. Fermented for 8 weeks at 4c, this is a much slower beer to produce than an ale, this shows in the complex character and crisp nature of the beer.

The finished beer is clean and fresh with a fantastic, smooth, bicuity edge.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops, yeast

ABV: 4.5%


<10ppm Gluten Free

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